More than 20 years with our business partners

DEVA AGRO Agriculture Company established in 2000 to sales and marketing activities of pesticide and fertilzers products. Deva Agro employees contribute to the agricultural sector with their long years of experience in plant protection products and rich knowledge.

As of today, Deva Agro Agriculture Company produce more than 100 pesticides and fertilizers products. Deva Agro sell these products to all of location in Turkey and international market. Deva Agro management and marketing approaches are to analyze the market needs well, to supply quality products to our business partners, to provide a quick service and to be a brand that our farmers can not give up. We would like to thank all our business partners who supported the sales of our products in different geographical regions of the world and who have made a business partnership with us.

Honesty and customer satisfaction

We set honesty as a corporate standard in every aspect of our business. We develop business relationships with our business partner and industry based on trust and honesty.We aim to provide reliable, effective and efficient service with our sectoral experience and customer-oriented business approach. We aim at the highest level of customer satisfaction with the products we offer to the sector without compromising on quality.

Long-term collaboration

We believe that continuous growth is possible by creating long-term business relationships. Deva Agro; will always attach importance to long-term collaborations to ensure sustainable development.

Passion and growth

We love our sector at Deva Agro.We are able to overcome the challenges with the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and adventure. We invest in our business and develop our products and services with a strategic approach. We work with our existing and new customers with the understanding of business partnership.