Information Security Policy

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. and group companies always define corporate knowledge as the most valuable informations. Information; it is vital to the management and sustainability of business processes and needs to be protected. Our company aims to minimize the potential risks of confidentiality, integrity, usability and access of corporate information with the principle of applying ISO information security standards worldwide.

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. The following definitions are applied in order to manage risks.

  • -Deva Agro Agriculture Co. ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and efficient use of corporate information,
  • -Conducting risk analyzes, determinations and reporting on information assets and developing measures systematically,
  • -Adoption of the world-wide standards on information security and ensuring the necessary compliance with these standards,
  • -Fulfill all legal obligations related to information security and ensure compliance with the legislation,
  • -Establishment, development, survival and continuous improvement of Information Security Management Systems and utilization of improvement opportunities,
  • -Providing necessary trainings on information security,
  • -Establishment and adherence to sub-procedures based on this policy,

The purpose of information security is to protect, maintain and manage the confidentiality, integrity and usability of corporate information. Deva Agro Agriculture Co. manage these informations should be available to authorized employees and should be ready for use whenever necessary. Therefore, all Deva Agro Agriculture Co. employees, business partners and trainees can use the information provided by Deva Agro Agriculture Co. is responsible for the protection of the structure. Deva Agro Agriculture Co. Information Security Policies are valid and compulsory regardless of working position, working area and geographical location.

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. is committed to the implementation of information security policies in accordance with the policy of processing personal data, fully compatible with each other and is committed to work integrated.