Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data is an important point for our group.

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. collects personal data in line with audio, electronic or written legal purposes through communication channels such as web site, mobile applications, advertisements, social media accounts, technical support requests etc.
Deva Agro Agriculture Co. process datas is categorized by person, institution, company,sector and subject. In addition, data of technical consultants, agricultural engineers, private sector employees, managers etc. are processed. These datas used for customer relationship management, sales management, production improvement etc purpose by Deva Agro Agriculture Co.

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration or destruction of personal data. Our group uses all globally accepted technology standards when processing personal data. At the same time, the data stored on paper is always kept in a secure physical space and access is allowed to persons of a certain level of authority.
Deva Agro Agriculture Co. is committed to taking all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal data.

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. personal data is transferred to third parties within the limits of global laws for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy. In this context, the orders to be shipped, contact information, for the purpose of shipment of the invoice is shared with the relevant shipping companies within the scope of certain safety standards. Some of the customer data is shared with the cooperating institution (s) in order to provide promotion and benefit and opportunity in line with customer approval. The usage preferences of the website, the development of the navigation history website, are shared with third parties who receive cookies for analysis purposes.
Business partners/ customers datas are shared to Deva Agro Agriculture Co. group companies for reach 100% successful reporting and analyzes studies.

Personal datas are stored to Deva Agro Agriculture Co. servers until relevant legislations time or required time for process datas. After these periods are completed, these datas is permanently destroyed.

Rights of Persons on Personal Data

The person concerned can learn whether their personal data has been processed.If it has been processed, it can request information about it. Learn the purpose of personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose. It may request that third parties be notified if the domestic and foreign personal data has been transferred. In case of inaccuracy or deficiency in personal data, they may ask for fix errors.

Personal Data Sharing with Official Authorities

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. share personal data with public institutions and organizations that are legally authorized to request this information in order to fulfill their legal obligations.

Cookie Policy and Use of Cookies

Deva Agro Agriculture Co. mobile applications, web sites etc. platforms uses cookies. The data collected through cookies is processed and shared with third parties under the framework of the global laws.