Our Quality Policy

Our company provides products and services; manages our quality policy with the aim of keeping the farmers / business partners satisfaction at the highest level, managing farmers / business partners feedback effectively, increasing the effective use of our resources, delivering the right product on time and creating a quality management system that aims to continuously improve.

  1. To be fully in line with the expectations of farmers / business partners in all processes from production to use of the product,
  2. Providing innovative plant protection products and plant nutrition products in line with customer needs, keeping farmers / business partners satisfaction at the highest level,
  3. Increasing the quality level by giving importance to teamwork to ensure that all our employees become more competent and able to use their abilities at the highest level within the framework of quality systems,
  4. To provide national and international conditions while developing our products and services,
  5. To update our product portfolio with innovative and innovative products that can be a solution for our farmers,
  6. To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment and to improve the business volume

Our main quality policy is to create added value by continuously improving our products, business and service processes.