Preparation of Plant Protection Products for Application

The plant protection product calculated on the recommended dose is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The application machine tank is filled halfway with water. Medicated water is added to the tank while the mixer of the machine is running. Stirring is continued and the tank is completed with water. Stirring is continued until the application is completed. Use the prepared plant protection product on the same day.

Calibration of Plant Protection Products Application Machines

The application machine must be calibrated before application. The required amount of water should be arrange to provide best calibration. Applications should be carried out in windless or low wind conditions during cool hours of the day.

Cleaning of Application Machines

Empty the application machine safely immediately after the application. After filling the tank with fresh water, start the mixer and spray system to wash all parts. Do not wash near water sources. Do not drain wash water and wastes into water sources.

Plant Protection Product Resistant Management

Repetitive applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. Therefore, to delay resistance development, do not exceed the total number of recommended applications of the plant protection product during the same production season. In cases where the application should be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products with different mechanism of action.